New mystery camera from QHY… it is QHY367C with 36Mpix sensor

qhy_new_sensors_1_smallWe have fresh photos of new QHY ColdMOS series camera! What we know now,  it is color sensor and probably “Full Frame” 35x24mm . Camera will be officially announced by end of October and then we should know something about full specification. Stay tuned!




On picture below you can see how it looks compared to known QHY163M and QHY183C.


Update 22.10.2016 !

Last post on QHY facebook page reveals that we will probably have to deal with the same sensor that was used in the Nikon D810A. Great news!

Update 24.10.2016

QHY very modestly dosed information on its new camera but we know some new details:

We know model name and it is QHY367C.

Sensor Full Frame 36Mpix, 14 bit, FSI 4.88um pixel size. Sensor type is still not officially confirmed  36Mpix were equipped with only the Nikon D800 and D810.

If this is actually a sensor from the D810 we have almost full 14-bit dynamic range!

Compared to CCD based cameras like KAF8300 it has only 11.6bit

2 thoughts on “New mystery camera from QHY… it is QHY367C with 36Mpix sensor

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  • 18 November 2016 at 20:37

    Well , the specs look very awesome, cooled cmos-cameras is what we want with a lot of (not to small) Megapixels. But today with all the new cameras on the astromarket (much competition with new Atik, ZWO, Moravian and QSI), the price must be good enough. Also dont forget todays dsrl’s which are stronger in upcoming , like the canon 6D. Its also a killermachine for a good price, but uncooled.
    If the price is fair with the QHY367C, then it could be major hit. If it performs also very good, no doubt it will be the end the CCD area….


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